Bangladesh Social Protection Advocacy Network (BSPAN)


In Bangladesh social protection is a constitutional obligation for the Government of Bangladesh for its underprivileged citizen. The Government of Bangladesh has developed National Social Security Strategy (NSSS) 2015, which is a part of policies and programs that comprise the social development framework. There are 145 social protection programs (officially known as social security programs) are being implemented by 23 line ministries targeting 35.7 million beneficiaries spending BDT 345 billion dollar, accounting 12.73% of total Government Budget in current fiscal year, at a level of 2.19% of GDP.


BSPAN at a Glance

Bangladesh Social Protection Advocacy Network (BSPAN) established on 03 November 2017 with an objective to promote social protection for workers and marginalized people.

Our Objectives

To strengthening advocacy campaign action on social protection for marginalized group through campaign and interventions.


Beneficiaries of this network are Workers and marginal community and related stake-holders.

Membership Criteria of BSPAN

Trade Unions

NGOs work on labour rights issues

Civil Society Organization (CBO)

and Accident victims rights groups are-

basically the member of the network.

Membership is open for Trade Unions, NGOs, CBOs work on Social Safety issue at local and national level.

Members of BSPAN

Bangladesh Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE)

Gonoshaysta Kendra (GK)

National Garments Workers Federation (NGWF)

Bangladesh Free Trade Union Congress (BFTUC)

Federation of Garments Workers (FGW)

Bangladesh Labor Federation (BLF)

Participatory Development Action Program (PDAP)

Textile and Garments Workers Federation (TGWF)

Bangladesh Sonjukto Shromik Federation (BSSF)

Bangladesh Mukto Shromik Federation (BMSF)

Jatiya Shromik League (JSL)

Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Shromik Dol (BJSD)

Laour at Informal Economy (LIE)

National Domestic Workers Federation (NDW)

Bangladesh Sonjukto Building and Wood Workers Federation (BSBWWF)


Implemented different activities from 2016 contributed on development of Social Protection Floor as basic rights of marginalized working people and organising drive as well. By this time, a significant social protection schemes has been run by the GoB as part of Social Dialogue, bargaining and Advocacy actions. By this action, the workers are sensitized about the social protection in Bangladesh and developed their leadership skills that resulting to represent themselves visibly towards external stakeholders in terms of getting recognition as partners from external stakeholders.