HWRN-B network observed International Woman’s Day 2023 in Dhaka

Home-based Rights Network Bangladesh (HWRN-B) has observed International Woman’s Day on 9th March 2023 at U-multipurpose Hall, Mirpur, Dhaka. A meeting was held by HWRN-B with its secretariate OSHE Foundation. The meeting was presided by Farida Khanam, National Coordinator of Labour at Informal Economy. Repon Chowdhury, Executive Director, OSHE Foundation was present in the meeting as chief guest. He mentioned in the meeting that in Bangladesh, numerous women are working as homemakers, caretakers, house helpers and nannies but all this work is not being regulated by the government. Most of them are underpaid, are mistreated and surprisingly, are not trained properly. All this could be prevented if the government recognizes and regulates their contribution to the economy. We undervalue women’s choices and their happiness and even their health. All of these things that, again, economists wouldn’t measure but are so important. It is evident that women around the world are doing so much work that is uncompensated and unrecognized. By taking all these involvements under the umbrella, the GDP of Bangladesh, or of any other country, will rise significantly.  Md. Alam Hossain has explained about the network that it is focused on promoting and developing good practices around inclusive home-based woman workers. It works alongside informal workers to learn more about their situation. It will work for capacity building, unionization of home-based workers and policy reformation. We believe the working poor and informal workers should have a voice in these actions. Rafikul Alam Molla from Unnayan Sangha said that Technological literacy is must for woman empowerment and economic development. No one will be left behind till the gender gap can be minimized in our society.