Initiative towards establishing a better work-related accident, injury and disease monitoring and reporting system in Bangladesh


One of the main mandates of OSHE is workplace accident survey and OSHE has been conducting it since 2006. OSHE has been conducting workplace survey by monitoring newspapers information from 2 (two) field offices located at Sitakunda in Chattogram and Chunarughat in Habiganj and OSHE internal survey mechanism. These field offices have been set up by the organisation based on its different interventions at the Shipbreaking Sector in Chattogram and Agriculture and Tea plantation sectors in Sylhet region aims to monitoring workplace safety situation and run the OSHE field level activities and actions. OSHE has been preparing news clippings and publishing the periodical and annual survey report through special press briefing. OSHE has years of experience on Occupational Safety and Health, occupational injuries and accident reporting, working conditions, labour rights and social protection. The organization has gained experience to work in the RMG sector to create a decent and safer workplace for workers. OSHE has executed “Jukta Hoe Mukta-United we stand” and “Building Safer Workplace for Vulnerable Garments Workers” project with MJF providing support the garments sector supply chain factory and community to enhance knowledge on workers’ rights, OSH and wage issues and implementing a project entitled “OHS Initiatives for Workers and Community at the Ready-Made Garments Sector in Bangladesh” with the support of the Laudes Foundation.

The project objective is to closely monitor different hazardous industrial sectors in the country for serious injuries, disabilities and death caused by occupational accidents, occupational diseases or work-related diseases. Further, cases of such injuries are followed up and victims are interviewed as to whether they have applied for compensation benefits from any existing programme or schemes run by government and, if so, whether their cases have been approved as well as the amount of the received benefits.